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Friends by the Lake

Conscious Transformations

Dr Cathy Linson
Coach, Reiki Master, SAAMA Practioner

Helping people identify and dissolve limitations to consciously creating their life.

Do you want to become the conscious creator of your life?

If you are feeling stuck a little assistance can get you back on the path to balance.
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Life is a Mirror

Life is supposed to be easy, flowing and joyous. We create every ache and pain, every event, interaction and experience we have  in life, not just the good ones or the big ones but every single moment of our life is created by us. 


There are no ordinary moments. In every single moment of our life we get the opportunity to see what we really think, feel and believe about ourself.  We have a chance to see it and change it; there is power in knowing that I created it and I can change it. Sometime we need assistance understanding what we created and why. 

Our Services

  • Available Online

    Let's get started dissolving your limitations!

    50 min

    133 US dollars
  • Available Online

    Your path to change begins by getting on.

    20 min


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