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Water Lake Landscape

Life is a Mirror

Life is supposed to be easy, flowing and joyous. We create every ache and pain, every event, interaction and experience we have  in life, not just the good ones or the big ones but every single moment of our life is created by us. 

There are no ordinary moments because every moment is a miracle. In every single moment of our life we get the opportunity to see the truth about what we think, feel and believe.  If we are creating consciously from love and joy our experience will be effortless, loving and joyful but if we are creating from unconscious programming our experience can be somewhere between slightly uncomfortable and down right awful.  

Every person is us

We begin to see every person and event in our life as our own reflection in the mirror. Instead of he disrespected me or she has no compassion for people like me we recognize that we are all one. I disrespected me or I had no compassion for me. Then we can begin to ask the real question, "why do I have no compassion for myself?" 

Looking in the Mirror
Mountain Path

The path to change is love, joy and gratitude!

Once we see what we created and why. Changing it can be as easy as expressing our love and gratitude for the perfect situation that helped us understand and dissolving it with the help of spirit. 

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