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What is SAAMA?


SAAMA Universal Quantum Therapy belongs to the family of new quantum medicine, which explores new frontiers and changes all the paradigms we have held for centuries.

  • Quantum refers to the smallest unit (to our knowledge) that makes up any kind of electromagnetic energy.

  • Radiant energy is composed of a huge number of quanta (small packets of energy), whose "power" is related to the frequency of vibration. Hence, the faster a quantum vibrates, the more energy it has.

  • This means that the wall facing you is vibrating energy, as is your chair, the coffee cup, the coffee inside the cup, your cells, the universe, and the hair your cat left on the sofa.

  • Absolutely everything is vibrating particles.

  • Depending on their frequency, we perceive them as more or less solid, more or less hot, more or less blue, etc. At the quantum level, all matter is vibrating energy. "If you modify the vibration, you modify its state."!

  • And that's what SAAMA deals with: receiving information about this vibrational state and modifying it.!

  • Consciousness, matter, thought, emotion... everything belongs to the vast quantum world! There is no single reality.

  • We are light and we are matter.

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